Smartphone-based driver behavior analytics
for fleets, insurers, and you


Have a safer fleet
when lowering your costs

No Hardware

Accient Detection

Driving Behavior Analysis

Easy Integration


Start tracking thousands of
drivers in 30 minutes!

Drive Buddy is a smartphone-only based solution that is developed as an SDK. Companies can integrate our SDK inside their existing mobile application in 30 minutes. Drive Buddy does not need any hardware. All the data needed is collected from advanced smartphone sensors. Drive Buddy's unique algorithm analyzes a driver's driving habits by using Machine Learning algorithms and shows risk score of the driver within a simple dashboard.


Easy to detect
risky drivers.

By using our simple dashboard, you can easily detect your risky drivers and you can see the analytics of your fleet all the time. You can use our dashboard or report to make your fleet safer.


We have API for
your all need.

You can use our dashboard API to produce new scores or combine our dashboard with your own dashboard. By using Hardware API you can upload your driver's data, collected from hardwares attached to the car and see the same results like in the smartphone data. Besides, you can combine smartphone and hardware data easily.


They already have trusted Drive Buddy

As Octovan, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers and to the fact that the transporters registered to the system are safe. Thanks to Drive Buddy, every driver that registers to the system can be deactivated when the driving quality is below a certain level. In this way, we ensure that the drivers use the vehicles in the best way and do not damage the products of our customers.

Sadıkcan Kamiloğlu


Volvero strongly wanted the set up of a partnership with DriveBuddy due to their hardware free, highly reliable Telematic solution for the vehicles sharing service offered by our App
The ultra innovative, software only service provided by DriveBuddy, was the proper solution we were looking for

Marco Filippi